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Basket Full of Wishes: My Dream Mad Man Ending

  • Peggy finally jumps ship and starts her own company. Joan joins her to take care of the business side. They bring a  few of the other ladies with them: Dawn, Clara and Shirley (Hey, gurl! Anybody ask to touch your hair yet?). And maybe a couple of the boys go along like Stan, Freddy, the art department dudes, and a long lost Sal is hired.
  • Sally somehow turns out well adjusted in spite of of her parents.
  • After confronting her with old childhood photos,  Betty confesses to Bobby that he’s a shape shifter. She only hid the fact from him because of her own hardships as a mutant
  • Pete Campbell gives Bob Benson more than a knee-rub. I’m a Bete shipper.
  • Trudy spends six seasons and a movie years at a community college.
  • As for Don? I’m not really that invested anymore.
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