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So Yesterday …

I took a trip to Baltimore yesterday. I wanted to do a little crown spotting on  Easter Sunday.  Added to that, I just had to attend  Colby Keller's 1st Decennial Pot-Latch. It was my final birthday gift to myself this weekend: meet one of my favorite of “adult stars/bloggers/artist”help him create art, get a hug from the well-built shaggy hunk who has “inspired” me a many of times and walk away with some free stuff. 

I didn’t walk away too quickly. After I picked through his book collection, underwear drawer,   bedding, blankets and cologne cabinet, Colby offered me a seat and a beer. Him and his Boo, Karl (sorta the man behind the curtain when it comes to certain things but equally cute and well-read to boot.*), were warm, welcoming and  extremely generous. Kinda too nice. After getting a peek at the personality behind the porn performer and meeting his man, I feel guilty about being “inspired” by him in that way  while watching him jackhammer Jayden Brooks and Max Sinclair or one of my early faves “Lifeguards!” a video in which his future father-in-law offers him hands-on honeymoon advice. I will probably give it a week or two before he inspires me again. Were he an asshole, would I have to wait that long? No. Probably not. He’d  probably be on heavy rotation in spank bank because of my issues and me. 

Anyway, I lingered along with a few others who had showed up for the event and had a chance to see an impromptu photo shoot paying twisted homage to Sylvia Plath and National Poetry Month (see picture above. see even better pics via the book of face).

Colby played the role of “Daddy,”  Plath’s psychic tormentor made manifest to help her end it all. Poet D. Gilson, who came up with the idea, inhabited and owned the role of tortured Sylvia with an assist from Karl who pitched in as hairstylist and artistic director.  Good morbid fun!

I had flashbacks to my old MFA’s buddy. Only this group of folks were a whole lot queerer and just a bit more playful. So I lingered a little longer than i intended. Then the stomach started grumbling. Although Colby insisted everything was up for grabs, I didn’t want to raid his pantry. So I got a round of hugs and handshakes from everybody then took my leave, raced home, filled my belly and watched folks get dragged and  then folks with dragons.  To paraphrase Ice Cube, yesterday was a good day.

* Somebody else who read Andrew Smith’s Grasshopper Jungle too! Well two somebodies who read it, D. Gilson brought it up. I lit up. And Karl suggested that we should definitely read Winger too.

Basket Full of Wishes: My Dream Mad Man Ending

  • Peggy finally jumps ship and starts her own company. Joan joins her to take care of the business side. They bring a  few of the other ladies with them: Dawn, Clara and Shirley (Hey, gurl! Anybody ask to touch your hair yet?). And maybe a couple of the boys go along like Stan, Freddy, the art department dudes, and a long lost Sal is hired.
  • Sally somehow turns out well adjusted in spite of of her parents.
  • After confronting her with old childhood photos,  Betty confesses to Bobby that he’s a shape shifter. She only hid the fact from him because of her own hardships as a mutant
  • Pete Campbell gives Bob Benson more than a knee-rub. I’m a Bete shipper.
  • Trudy spends six seasons and a movie years at a community college.
  • As for Don? I’m not really that invested anymore.
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